Hemp - It's not quite what you think!


We’ve got lots of hemp products in Jefferies, and it’s not quite what you think!

We’re hemp fanatics at Jefferies! Before you get concerned though, hemp is different to Marijuana. Hemp us actually a super seed, which dates back to 8,000+ BC. It contains essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are useful for human function, and has a well-researched nutritional value, considered as one of China’s 5 acient grains. It’s also GMO free, vegan approved, soy, dairy, gluten and sugar free.


As we just touched on, there is almost no relation to what people typically associate with hemp - Marijuana. Hemp in it’s seed form contains practically no THC, which is what gives you the “high” that Marijuana does. Hemp also has many other uses - you may have heard of it’s use in paper, plastic, materials and clothing! It is super nutritious, and an all-round beneficial seed.

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Here are a couple of the hemp products we have here at Jefferies:


Hemple - Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil Contains the ideal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids which helps the body to metabolize fat, increase immune system strength, lower cholesterol and counteract aging. It has a nutty flavour, and can be used as you would olive oil, or added to shakes, smoothies, salads and dressings.

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The most scrumptious fruit mince pies from  Mt Dandenong Bakery .

Australian Primary Hemp

Hemp Boost - Hemp Seeds - Hemp Balance

Hemp Boost is a hypoallergenic, plant-based, protein powder, grown and produced naturally here in Australia. Hemp Boost is high in magnesium, bioavailable protein and contains a complete amino acid profile.


If the thought of hemp is a bit intimidating, try MCT Oil - a 100% coconut oil alternative


Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a particular type of dietary fat that are most commonly found in coconut and palm oils.

Melrose MCT is a translucent liquid without any flavour, that’s what makes it so easy to take as a shot on it’s own, or added to your smoothie, protein shake, salad dressing or in so many other meals!

We’ve got SO many chocolate goodies from the  Koko Black  team. We’ll be wishing for these gorgeous chocolate stars!

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