Footy's Back


Footy franks and chips are a bit of a novelty, but we believe in something a little more gourmet for your half time snack, whether you’re at the game or watching at home


At the Game

Blackall Gold Washed Rind cheese  from   @woombyecheese   is a must-try for all you cheese lovers out there!

Macy and Tailor - Pressed Pretzels

Smooth and delicious  Double Cream Brie  from   @udderdelightscheese   is for all you Brie lovers out there!

Pure Fine Foods - Corn Chips

These  Chia & Linseed crackers  from   @rozas.gourmet   taste so good, you could almost forget about everything else on the cheeseboard!

Canterbury Biltong - Beef Jerky

We love crackers that really support dip and don’t crumble.  Dr Kargs Organic Cheese & Pumpkin crispbread  is the perfect choice for that.

Blue Pear Pantry - Gluten Free Sausage Rolls

The Free Range Pork Rillettes  from   @citylarder   are delicious with crusty bread and pickles.

Byron Bay Peanut Butter - Snack Packs

@jimjamfoods    Fig Fruit Paste  is that delicious sweetness that every platter needs.

Kellys Candy Co. - Caramel Fudge


Watching at Home

Go gourmet with  @yvgourmetfoods Horseradish Mustard.  Your mustard lovers will thank you!

Boscastle Pies - Family Beef Pies

A  classic tomato kasoundi  from   @cunliffewaters   is packed full of flavour.

Mushiki Gyoza Girl - Gyoza’s

A sprinkle of   @olssonssalt    Australian Sea Salt Flakes , smoked for 72 hours. Their salt is smokey, delicious and uniquely Australian.

Woombye Cheese - Blackall Gold
Washed Rind

Who could forget about butter!   @pepesaya    cultured butter  is our personal choice. Not to be confused with a cheese, of course!

JimJam Foods - Quince Paste


New to Jefferies

Jefferies Timboon Icecream.jpg

Timboon Icecream


Farm fresh, locally made and…so hard to choose from. Timboon use the milk from their neighbour’s farm, the cream from local dairies, local ingredients and all things natural.