There's so many new things


in at Jefferies - check them out!

At Jefferies we pride ourselves on having a wide range of homemade, gluten free, vegan and locally sourced products. With the growing demand for delicious, exciting, and original food, drink, and life essentials in these markets - we’re always on the lookout for fabulous new brands and are rapidly expanding our most popular ranges.

Here’s a look at some of the newest additions to your favourite local provedore - Jefferies!

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Something Savoury

Jefferies The Stock Merchant Chicken Bone Broth.JPG

The Stock Merchant - Bone Broths

Stocks and sauces made from Australian free range chicken and cattle, sustainable seafood and pristine vegetables + herbs.

Jefferies Cere Organic Brown Rice Crackers Quinoa.JPG

Ceres Organics - Brown Rice Crackers Quinoa

These Brown Rice Cakes are light and crunchy. They’re then minimally processed with organically grown quinoa and a touch of sea salt

We’ve got SO many chocolate goodies from the  Koko Black  team. We’ll be wishing for these gorgeous chocolate stars!

We Feed You - Mexican Chilli Beans

We Feed You create delicious meat, vegetarian, vegan, low FODMAP, gluten & dairy free meals. The Mexican Chilli beans are red kidney beans and carrot braised in a rich tomato sauce with chipotle and cumin seeds, finished with green poppers, corn and fresh coriander


Something for your Sweet-Tooth

Jefferies Rice Cream Choc Mint.JPG

Rice Cream

You don’t feel too naughty having a tub of delicious Choc Mint Rice Cream as it’s all refined sugar free, vegan, low fat, full of probiotics and made with only the finest organic ingredients.

Jefferies Ministry of Chocolate.JPG

Ministry of Chocolate

We love this cylinder of delicious Milk Belgian couverture - a favourite for kids of all ages, and perfect for gifting!

Jefferies Walkers Lane Peanut Brittle.JPG

Walkers Lane Yarra Valley

These guys produce a light crunchy brittle with a rich buttery Caramel flavour. We’re so excited to have them back at Jefferies!


Something for your Health

Jefferies Happpy Way Protein.JPG

Happy Way - Protein

Happy Way protein powder is made with the highest quality raw, ancient and organic superfood supplements, mixed with whey and vegan protein powders to boot. Delicious and nutritious to nurture and nourish your mind and body.

Jefferies Blue Dinosaur Protein Bar.JPG

Blue Dinosaur - Protein Range

This bar is rocket fuel for you and your muscles! It won’t leave you with a frothy moustache, but it will provide a huge kick of protein to strengthen your coffee experience! The Protein Range is the latest addition to our Blue Dinosaur selection.

Jefferies Amazonia Raw Protein.JPG

Amazonia Raw Protein

With a delicious wholefood formula, Amazonia’s paleo Protein has a sprouted base with fermented seeds and greens; it’s vegan, grain free and contains superfoods such as fermented spirulina, quinoa anf chia.


Something for the Home

Jefferies Robert Gordon Australia.JPG

Little Cactus

Jefferies have teamed up with our neighbours Little Cactus Style to bring an exciting new range of Gift & Homewares from Robert Gordon Australia and more…

Jefferies OurEco Air Freshener.JPG

OurEco - Air Freshener

This air freshener is just one of the many new-in products from OurEco. The gorgeous uplifting smell of lemon myrtle twisted with a hint of spearmint, creates an intensely invigorating spritz to your home. It’s perfect for your bathroom, toilet, kitchen or any room in need of spritzing.

Jefferies Ecover Laundry Detergent.JPG

Ecover Laundry Range

This range uses clean, biodegradable, plant-derived ingredients that won’t add phosphates to the world’s waterways. Ditch the dirty fossil fuel-based substances. And make sure those threads get the heavy-duty clean they deserve.