The 3PM Slump


We’re getting back into routine at the moment.

With kids back at school, and adults back at work - it’s time to make that 3pm snack something fun!


The 3pm slump is a real thing. It’s that point in the day where a coffee just won’t cut it.

We agree that reaching for an apple is definitely one of the healthiest options - but sometimes we just want something a little more...exciting!

We’ve put together a few of our favourite snacks for both adults and kids - whether you’re packing them into lunchboxes or just want a tasty after school snack.

Jefferies Pattern Light Blue.png

For the Adults

A delicious selection of goodies from  Phillippa’s Bakery  are available at  Jefferies

Purabon - Protein & Probiotic Balls

Chocoholics - this one is for you! We’ve got an amazing selection of chocolate pizzas from  Choc Provedore  &  The Accidental Vegan

Pangkarra - Chickpea Puffs Lemon, Lime & Chilli

The perfect gesture this holiday season is a delicious milk chocolate rocky road from  Just Sweets.  Made locally, if milk choc isn’t the one for you we’ve got lots more flavours in store at  Jefferies  for you

Pure Fine Foods - Gluten Free Cornchips

These mini Christmas puds from  Emmalines  are more than what meets the eye! You’ll have to take a bite and find out…

Health Lab - Salted Caramel Protein Ball

Jefferies Dari's Table Olive Hummus Dip.jpg

Dari’s Table - Hummus Dip Range

Jefferies Zesti Dark Chocolate Organic Cookies.jpg

Zesti - Dark Chocolate Organic Cookies


For the Little Ones

Jefferies Health Lab Kids Bliss Bombs Berry Brave.jpg

Health Lab - Kids Berry Bliss Balls

Jefferies Gourmet Juniors Chicken Nuggets.jpg

Gourmet Juniors - Chicken Nuggets

Jefferies Nourishing Bubs Baby Food Carrot.jpg

Nourishing Bubs - Frozen Carrot for Babies

Jefferies Serious Popcorn.jpg

Serious Popcorn