We're getting snack to school...


Whether you’re off to work or uni, or packing lunches for little ones - head to Jefferies for your snacking needs!

We get it. Going back to work, or back to school was pretty difficult. The first few weeks of 6:30am alarms makes us want to hit “snooze” 5 times over. We also know how boring it can get taking the same lunch to work every day. That’s why we think bringing the best snacks with you to work/school, can make your mood a little brighter, and go by a bit faster! Especially when you hit that 3pm slump, and reaching for an apple just won’t quite cut it. That being said, we definitely recommend you still eat your apples - because an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

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We hope these healthy snacks inspire you to pack them into your next lunchbox.

Jefferies the Carob Kitchen Banjo the Bear.JPG

the Carob Kitchen - Banjo the Carob Bear

These little chocolates are the perfect dark, delicious carob bites that will satisfy your sugar cravings. Made from Bean to Bar (Bear), these little bears have added only the purest of natural ingredients to blend a mild yet naturally sweet, smooth carob bar.


Health Lab Kids - Bliss Balls

We know schools these days want to make sure kids are all eating good, healthy foods in their lunchboxes. That’s why we love the Health Lab Kids Bliss Balls which are packed full of good things, minus the stuff that grownups have in their bliss balls like protein powder.

The most scrumptious fruit mince pies from  Mt Dandenong Bakery .
We’ve got SO many chocolate goodies from the  Koko Black  team. We’ll be wishing for these gorgeous chocolate stars!

The Daily Bar - Superfood Snack Bars

On the go in the mornings? Satisfy your hungry tummy with superfood bar from The Daily Bar. These bars are organic and raw, and they’re gluten, sugar and dairy free. Packed full of nuts, seeds and all the good things you can see!


Serious Popcorn

Organic Popcorn is perfect for your sweet or salty cravings. We love Serious Popcorn for their cute packaging, and of course - that perfect crunchy popcorn that’ll leave your classmates wanting to steal some off you.

Jefferies Serious Popcorn Sea Salt.JPG
Jefferies Naked Paleo Berry Cacao Mint Bars.JPG

Naked Paleo - Paleo Snack Bars

Do you eat paleo, or just love a good, wholesome snack? Whether zesty, minty or chocolate-y these paleo bars are filling and full of paleo goodness.